or Urijah, the Lord is my light or fire

(light of Jehovah). + One of the thirty commanders of the thirty bands into which the Israelite army of David was divided. (1 Chronicles 11:41; 2 Samuel 23:39) Like others of David’s officers he was a foreigner–a Hittite. His name, however and his manner of speech (2 Samuel 11:11) indicate that he had adopted the […]

-1. One of David’ s mighty men 2Sa 23:39; 1Ch 11:41 .David’ s adultery with the wife of 2Sa 11:2-5; 1Ki 15:5 .Summoned from seat of war by David 2Sa 11:6-13 .Noble spirit of 2Sa 11:11 .David compasses the death of 2Sa 11:14-25 .David marries the widow of 2Sa 11:26,27 .Called URIAS (A. V.) Mt […]

The Lord is my light. (1.) A Hittite, the husband of Bathsheba, whom David first seduced, and then after Uriah’s death married. He was one of the band of David’s “mighty men.” The sad story of the curel wrongs inflicted upon him by David and of his mournful death are simply told in the sacred […]