same as Zachariah, memory of the Lord

+ The eleventh in order of the twelve minor prophets. He is called in his prophecy the son of Berechiah and the grandson of Iddo, whereas in the book of Ezra, (Ezra 5:1; 6:14) he is said to have been the son of Iddo. It is natural to suppose as the prophet himself mentions his […]

The book of Zechariah, in its existing form, consists of three principal parts, vis. chs. 1-8; chs. 9-11; chs. 12-14. + The first of these divisions is allowed by the critics to be the genuine work of Zechariah the son of Iddo. It consists, first, of a short introduction or preface in which the prophet […]

(ZECHARIAS) -1. A Reubenite 1Ch 5:7 -2. Three Levites in the days of David 1Ch 9:21; 15:18,20,24; 16:5; 26:2,14 -3. A Benjamite 1Ch 9:37 .Called ZACHER in 1Ch 8:31 -4. Two Kohathites 1Ch 24:25; 2Ch 34:12 -5. A Merarite porter in the temple 1Ch 26:11 -6. Father of Iddo 1Ch 27:21 -7. A prince sent […]

Jehovah is renowned or remembered. (1.) A prophet of Judah, the eleventh of the twelve minor prophets. Like Ezekiel, he was of priestly extraction. He describes himself (1:1) as “the son of Berechiah.” In Ezra 5:1 and 6:14 he is called “the son of Iddo,” who was properly his grandfather. His prophetical career began in […]