monument; raised up; sepulcher


-(A stronghold of Jerusalem) -Also called SION -Captured from the Jebusites by David 2Sa 5:6-9; 1Ch 11:5-7 -Called thereafter “the city of David,” 2Sa 5:7,9; 6:12,16; 1Ki 8:1; 1Ch 11:5,7; 15:1,29; 2Ch 5:2 -The ark of the covenant .Placed in 2Sa 6:12,16; 1Ki 8:1; 1Ch 15:1,29; 2Ch 5:2 .Removed from, to Solomon’ s temple on […]

Sunny; height, one of the eminences on which Jerusalem was built. It was surrounded on all sides, except the north, by deep valleys, that of the Tyropoeon (q.v.) separating it from Moriah (q.v.), which it surpasses in height by 105 feet. It was the south-eastern hill of Jerusalem. When David took it from the Jebusites […]