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Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study - A Survey of the Bible

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If you’re looking for the best Bible lesson for kids then look no further! The very best Bible lessons are the ones that will bring your children face to face with the scripture. And this wonderful overview of the Bible from Star Meade, The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study, does just that.

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Be sure to check out this great kid’s Bible lesson. Your kids need to be old enough to read on their own and do some simple comprehension questions.

Available in multiple volumes or as a set, The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study leads young teens through the story of the Bible chronologically, teaching them about important themes and topics, such as the role of God as the main character of his own story and the relationship between Scripture’s divine inspiration and human authorship.


This has been an amazing Bible lesson for kids! I’ve been looking for Bible lessons for my kids for some time – and this beats nearly all of the Bible lessons we’ve looked at for home school. Although there are lots of children’s Bible story books for younger kids, I’ve been really disappointed looking for material for older kids to study the Bible. Be sure to check this out, and download the free printable kids Bible lesson to start with, and if you like them, you can purchase the entire Old Testament and New Testament lesson very affordably. ~ BD