excellent father; father of the remnant

(father of abundance, i.e. liberal), High priest and fourth in descent from Eli. (B.C. 1060-1012.) Abiathar was the only one of the all the sons of Ahimelech the high priest who escaped the slaughter inflicted upon his father’s house by Saul, in revenge for his father’s house by Saul, in revenge of his having inquired […]

-1. High priest. Called AHIMELECH in 2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 24:3,6,31 .And ABIMELECH 1Ch 18:16 .Son of Ahimelech 1Sa 22:20 .Escapes to David from the vengeance of Saul, who slew the priests in the City of Nob 1Sa 22:20-23; with 22:6-19 .Consults the ephod for David 1Sa 22:9-12; 30:9-12 .Associate high priest with Zadok in the […]

Father of abundance, or my father excels, the son of Ahimelech the high priest. He was the tenth high priest, and the fourth in descent from Eli. When his father was slain with the priests of Nob, he escaped, and bearing with him the ephod, he joined David, who was then in the cave of […]