grief; trouble

(trouble) signifies in the New Testament a Roman province which included the whole of the Peloponnesus and the greater part of Hellas proper, with the adjacent islands. This province, with that of Macedonia, comprehended the while of Greece; hence Achaia and Macedonia are frequently mentioned together in the New Testament to indicate all Greece. (Acts […]

-(A region of Greece) -Paul visits Ac 18; 19:21; Ro 16:5; 1Co 16:15; 2Co 1:1 -Benevolence of the Christians in Ro 15:26; 2Co 9:2; 11:10

The name originally of a narrow strip of territory in Greece, on the north-west of the Peloponnesus. Subsequently it was applied by the Romans to the whole Peloponnesus, now called the Morea, and the south of Greece. It was then one of the two provinces (Macedonia being the other) into which they divided the country […]