a nomadic tribe of uncertain origin, which occupied the peninsula of Sinai and the wilderness intervening between the southern hill-ranges of Palestine and the border of Egypt. (Numbers 13:29; 1 Samuel 15:7; 27:8) Their wealth consisted in flocks and herds. Mention is made of a “town” (1 Samuel 15:5) but their towns could have been […]

a mountain in Ephraim, (Judges 12:15) probably so named because the Amalekites once held possession of it.

-A people inhabiting the country south of Idumea and east of the Red Sea Nu 13:29; 14:25; 1Sa 15:7; 27:8 -Defeated by Chedorlaomer Ge 14:7 -Defeated by Joshua Ex 17:8,13 -Defeated by Gideon Jud 7 -Defeated by Saul 1Sa 14:47,48; 15:1-33 -Defeated by David 1Sa 27:8,9; 30:1-20 -Defeated by the Simeonites 1Ch 4:42,43 -Defeat the […]