or Ananiah, the cloud of the Lord

(whom Jehovah has graciously given) + A high priest in (Acts 23:2-5; 24:1) He was the son of Nebedaeus. He was nominated to the office by Herod king of Chalcis in A.D. 48; was deposed shortly before Felix left the province and assassinated by the Sicarii at the beginning of the last Jewish war. + […]

-1. High priest, before whom Paul was tried Ac 23:2-5; 24:1; 25:2 -2. A covetous member of church at Jerusalem. Falsehood and death of Ac 5:1-11 -3. A Christian in Damascus Ac 9:10-18; 22:12-16

A common Jewish name, the same as Hananiah. (1.) One of the members of the church at Jerusalem, who conspired with his wife Sapphira to deceive the brethren, and who fell down and immediately expired after he had uttered the falsehood (Acts 5:5). By common agreement the members of the early Christian community devoted their […]