speedy as a chariot

(from Antiochus)- + IN [135]Syria. The capital of the Greek kings of Syria, and afterwards the residence of the Roman governors of the province which bore the same name. Situation .–This metropolis was situated where the chain of Lebanon, running northward, and the chain of Taurus, running eastward. are brought to an abrupt meeting. Here […]

-1. A city of Syria .Disciples first called Christians in Ac 11:19-30 .The congregation in Ac 13:1; 14:26,27 .Barnabas and Paul make second visit to Ac 14:26-28 .Dissension within the congregation of Ac 15:22; with 15:1-35 .Paul and Peter’s controversy at Ga 2:11-15 -2. A city of Pisidia. Persecutes Paul Ac 13:14-52; 2Ti 3:11; Ac […]

(1.) In Syria, on the river Orontes, about 16 miles from the Mediterranean, and some 300 miles north of Jerusalem. It was the metropolis of Syria, and afterwards became the capital of the Roman province in Asia. It ranked third, after Rome and Alexandria, in point of importance, of the cities of the Roman empire. […]