Aphekah, Aphik, strength; a rapid torrent

(strength), the name of several places in Palestine. + A royal city of the Canaanites, the king of which was killed by Joshua, (Joshua 12:18) probably the same as [139]Aphekah in (Joshua 15:53) + A city, apparently in the extreme north of Asher, (Joshua 19:30) from which the Canaanites were not ejected, (Judges 1:31) though […]

-1. A city of the tribe of Asher Jos 19:30 .Called APHIK Jud 1:31 -2. A city of the tribe of Issachar .Philistines defeat Israelites at 1Sa 4:1-11 .Saul killed at 1Sa 29:1 .Probably the same city as mentioned in Joshua as a royal city of the Canaanites Jos 12:18 -3. A city between Damascus […]