highness, magnificence, one that deceives; curse

(high). + The name by which the Hebrews designated, generally, the country lying to the northeast of Palestine; the great mass of that high tableland which, rising with sudden abruptness from the Jordan and the very margin of the Lake of Gennesaret, stretched at an elevation of no less than 2000 feet above the level […]

-(The name of various regions, and of several men. The word signifies highlands, and is applied in its compounds to various highland districts of Syria) -1. The region whence Balaam came at Balak’s command Nu 23:7 -2. A region north of Canaan 1Ch 2:23 -3. Son of Shem Ge 10:22,23; 1Ch 1:17 -4. Son of […]

The son of Shem (Gen. 10:22); according to Gen. 22:21, a grandson of Nahor. In Matt. 1:3, 4, and Luke 3:33, this word is the Greek form of Ram, the father of Amminadab (1 Chr. 2:10). The word means high, or highlands, and as the name of a country denotes that elevated region extending from […]