the silence of light; fervent to spoil

(the great warrior). + The first Artaxerxes is mentioned in (Ezra 4:7) and appears identical with Smerdis, the Magian impostor and pretended brother of Cambyses, who usurped the throne B.C. 522, and reigned eight months. + In (Nehemiah 2:1) we have another Artaxerxes. We may safely identify him with Artaxerxes Macrocheir or Longimanus, the son […]

-1. A Persian king probably identical with AHASUERUS .Prohibits the rebuilding of Jerusalem Ezr 4:7-24 -2. King of Persia. Decree of, in behalf of the Jews Ezr 7; Ne 2; 5:14

The Greek form of the name of several Persian kings. (1.) The king who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 4:7). He was probably the Smerdis of profane history. (2.) The king mentioned in Ezra 7:1, in the seventh year (B.C. 458) of whose reign Ezra led a second colony of Jews back to […]