a place which formed one boundary of the tribe of Manasseh on the south. (Joshua 17:7) Mr. Porter suggests that Teyasir may be the Asher of Manasseh. Handbook, p.348. Apocrypha and New Testament, A’ser (blessed), the eighth son of Jacob, by Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid. (Genesis 30:13) (B.C. 1753.) The general position of his tribe was […]

-1. Son of Jacob, by Zilpah Ge 30:13; 35:26; 49:20; Ex 1:4; 1Ch 2:2 .Descendants of Ge 46:17; Nu 26:44-47 -2. Tribe of: Census of, by families Nu 1:40,41; 26:44-47; 1Ch 7:40; 12:36 .Station of, in camp Nu 2:25,27 .Prophecies concerning By Moses De 33:24,25 By John Re 7:6 .Allotment to, of land in Canaan […]

Happy, Jacob’s eigth son; his mother was Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid (Gen. 30:13). Of the tribe founded by him nothing is recorded beyond its holding a place in the list of the tribes (35:26; 46:17; Ex. 1:4, etc.) It increased in numbers twenty-nine percent, during the thirty-eight years’ wanderings. The place of this tribe during the […]