Ashtoreth, flocks; sheep; riches

and once As’taroth (a star), a city on the east of Jordan in Bashan, in the kingdom of Og, doubtless so called from being a seat of the worship of the goddess of the same name. (1:4; Joshua 9:10; 12:4; 13:12)

-1. Plural form of [394]ASHTORETH, which see -2. The capital city of Bashan De 1:4; Jos 9:10 .Giants lived at Jos 12:4 .Allotted to Manasseh Jos 13:31; 1Ch 6:71 .Possibly identical with ASHTEROTH KARNAIM, mentioned in Ge 14:5

A city of Bashan, in the kingdom of Og (Deut. 1:4; Josh. 12:4; 13:12; 9:10). It was in the half-tribe of Manasseh (Josh. 13:12), and as a Levitical city was given to the Gershonites (1 Chr. 6:71). Uzzia, one of David’s valiant men (1 Chr. 11:44), is named as of this city. It is identified […]