the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people

(B.C. 1451), the son of beor, a man endowed with the gift of prophecy. (Numbers 22:5) He is mentioned in conjunction with the five kings of Midian, apparently as a person of the same rank. (Numbers 31:8) cf. Numb 31:16 He seems to have lived at Pethor, (23:4; Numbers 22:5) on the river Euphrates, in […]

-(Son of Beor) -From Mesopotamia De 23:4 -A soothsayer Jos 13:22 -A prophet Nu 24:2-9; 2Pe 2:15,16 -Balak sends for, to curse Israel Nu 22:5-7; Jos 24:9; Ne 13:2; Mic 6:5 -Anger of, rebuked by his ass Nu 22:22-35; 2Pe 2:16 -Counsel of, an occasion of Israel’s corruption with the Midianites Nu 31:16; Re 2:14,15 […]

Lord of the people; foreigner or glutton, as interpreted by others, the son of Beor, was a man of some rank among the Midianites (Num. 31:8; comp. 16). He resided at Pethor (Deut. 23:4), in Mesopotamia (Num. 23:7). It is evident that though dwelling among idolaters he had some knowledge of the true God; and […]