son of the prophet, or of consolation

(son of consolation or comfort) a name given by the apostles, (Acts 4:36) to Joseph (or Jose), a Levite of the island of Cyprus, who was early a disciple of Christ. In (Acts 9:27) we find him introducing the newly-converted Saul to the apostles at Jerusalem. Barnabas was sent to Jerusalem, (Acts 11:19-26) and went […]

-Also called JOSES -A prophet Ac 13:1 -An apostle Ac 14:14 -A Levite who gave his possessions to be owned in common with other disciples Ac 4:36,37 -Brings him to the apostles Ac 9:25-27 -Accompanies Paul to Jerusalem Ac 11:30 -Returns with Paul to Antioch (of Syria) Ac 12:25 -Goes with Paul to Seleucia Ac […]

Son of consolation, the surname of Joses, a Levite (Acts 4:36). His name stands first on the list of prophets and teachers of the church at Antioch (13:1). Luke speaks of him as a “good man” (11:24). He was born of Jewish parents of the tribe of Levi. He was a native of Cyprus, where […]