the house of song; the house of affliction

In the Revised Version for [289]Bethabara, (John 1:28) where Jesus was baptized by John. It was probably an obscure village near Bethabara, and in time its name faded out and was replaced by the larger and more important Bethabara. (house of dates, or house of misery), a village which, scanty as are the notices of […]

-A village on the eastem slope of the Mount of Olives Joh 11:18 -Mary, Martha, and Lazarus dwell at Lu 10:38-41 -Lazarus dies and is raised to life at Joh 11 -Jesus attends a feast in Mt 26:6-13; Joh 12:1-9 -The colt of a donkey upon which Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, obtained […]

House of dates. (1.) The Revised Version in John 1:28 has this word instead of Bethabara, on the authority of the oldest manuscripts. It appears to have been the name of a place on the east of Jordan. (2.) A village on the south-eastern slope of the Mount of Olives (Mark 11:1), about 2 miles […]