or Booz, in strength

(fleetness). + A wealthy Bethlehemite kinsman to Elimelech the husband of Naomi. He married Ruth, and redeemed the estates of her deceased husband Mahlon. (Ruth 4:1) Boaz is mentioned in the genealogy of Christ, (Matthew 1:5) (B.C. 1250, but there is great difficulty in assigning his date.) + The name of one of Solomon’s brazen […]

-1. An ancestor of Jesus Mt 1:5; Lu 3:32 .History of Ru 2; 3; 4 -2. One of the bronze pillars of the temple 1Ki 7:21; 2Ch 3:17

Alacrity. (1.) The husband of Ruth, a wealthy Bethlehemite. By the “levirate law” the duty devolved on him of marrying Ruth the Moabitess (Ruth 4:1-13). He was a kinsman of Mahlon, her first husband. (2.) The name given (for what reason is unknown) to one of the two (the other was called Jachin) brazen pillars […]