(depression), in full [330]Joseph CAIAPHAS, high priest of the Jews under Tiberius. (Matthew 26:3,57; John 11:49; 18:13,14,24,28; Acts 4:6) The procurator Valerius Gratus appointed him to the dignity, He was son-in-law of Annas. [[331]Annas]

-High priest Lu 3:2 -Son-in-law of Annas Joh 18:13 -Prophesies concerning Jesus Joh 11:49-51; 18:14 -Jesus tried before Mt 26:2,3,57,63-65; Joh 18:24,28 -Peter and other disciples accused before Ac 4:1-22

The Jewish high priest (A.D. 27-36) at the beginning of our Lord’s public ministry, in the reign of Tiberius (Luke 3:2), and also at the time of his condemnation and crucifixion (Matt. 26:3, 57; John 11:49; 18:13, 14). He held this office during the whole of Pilate’s administration. His wife was the daughter of Annas, […]