possession, or possessed

one of the cities in the low country of Judah, named with Zanoah and Gibeah. (Joshua 15:57) (possession). Gen. 4. He was the eldest son of Adam and Eve; he followed the business of agriculture. In a fit of jealousy, roused by the rejection of his own sacrifice and the acceptance of Abel’s, he committed […]

-1. Son of Adam Ge 4:1 .Jealousy and crime of Ge 4:3-15; Heb 11:4; 1Jo 3:12; Jude 1:11 .Sojourns in the land of Nod Ge 4:16 .Children and descendants of Ge 4:17,18 -2. A city of Judah Jos 15:57

A possession; a spear. (1.) The first-born son of Adam and Eve (Gen. 4). He became a tiller of the ground, as his brother Abel followed the pursuits of pastoral life. He was “a sullen, self-willed, haughty, vindictive man; wanting the religious element in his character, and defiant even in his attitude towards God.” It […]