The symbolical figure so called was a composite creature-form which finds a parallel in the religious insignia of Assyria, Egypt and Persia, e.g. the sphinx, the winged bulls and lions of Nineveh, etc. A cherub guarded paradise. (Genesis 3:24) Figures of Cherubim were placed on the mercy-seat of the ark. (Exodus 25:18) A pair of […]

-Eastward of the garden of Eden Ge 3:24 -In the tabernacle Ex 25:18-20; 37:7-9 -The ark of the covenant rested beneath the wings of 1Ki 8:6,7; 2Ch 5:7,8; Heb 9:5 -Figures of, embroidered .On the walls of the tabernacle Ex 26:1; 36:8 .And on the curtain Ex 26:31; 36:35 -In the temple 1Ki 6:23-29; 2Ch […]