the endeavor of God

(God is his strength). + The son of Esau and Adah, and the father of Teman. (Genesis 36:4; 1 Chronicles 1:35,36) + The chief of the “three friends” of Job. He is called “the Temanite;” hence it is naturally inferred that he was a descendant of Teman. On him falls the main burden of the […]

-1. Son of Esau Ge 36:4,10-16; 1Ch 1:35 -2. Friend of Job Job 2:11; 4; 5; 22; 42:7-9

God his strength. (1.) One of Job’s “three friends” who visited him in his affliction (4:1). He was a “Temanite”, i.e., a native of Teman, in Idumea. He first enters into debate with Job. His language is uniformly more delicate and gentle than that of the other two, although he imputes to Job special sins […]