weary; tired

[[487]Weights And Measures AND [488]Measures] + Concubine of Caleb, in the line of Judah. (1 Chronicles 2:46) + Son of Jahdai; also in the line of Judah. (1 Chronicles 2:47)

-1. A son of Midian Ge 25:4; 1Ch 1:33; Isa 60:6 -2. Caleb’s concubine 1Ch 2:46 -3. Son of Jahdai 1Ch 2:47 -4. A measure of about three pecks .See [1532]MEASURE, DRY

Gloom. (1.) One of the five sons of Midian, and grandson of Abraham (Gen. 25:4). The city of Ephah, to which he gave his name, is mentioned Isa. 60:6, 7. This city, with its surrounding territory, formed part of Midian, on the east shore of the Dead Sea. It abounded in dromedaries and camels (Judg. […]