blackness; heat

(burnt faces). The country which the Greeks and Romans described as “AEthiopia” and the Hebrews as “Cush” lay to the south of Egypt, and embraced, in its most extended sense, the modern Nubia, Sennaar, Kordofan and northern Abyssinia, and in its more definite sense the kingdom of Meroe. (Ezekiel 29:10) The Hebrews do not appear […]

-(A region in Africa, inhabited by the descendants of Ham) -The inhabitants of, black Jer 13:23 -Within the Babylonian empire Es 1:1 -Rivers of Ge 10:6; Isa 18:1 -Bordered Egypt on the south Eze 29:10 -Was called the land of Cush, mentioned in Ge 10:6; 1Ch 1:9; Isa 11:11 -Warriors of Jer 46:9; 2Ch 12:3; […]

Country of burnt faces; the Greek word by which the Hebrew Cush is rendered (Gen. 2:13; 2 Kings 19:9; Esther 1:1; Job 28:19; Ps. 68:31; 87:4), a country which lay to the south of Egypt, beginning at Syene on the First Cataract (Ezek. 29:10; 30:6), and extending to beyond the confluence of the White and […]