happy, prosperous

(happy), a Roman procurator of Judea appointed by the emperor Claudius in A.D. 53. He ruled the province in a mean, cruel and profligate manner. His period of office was full of troubles and seditions. St. Paul was brought before Felix in Caesarea. He was remanded to prison, and kept there two years in hopes […]

-(The Roman governor of Judaea) -Paul tried before Ac 23:24-35; 24 -Trembles under Paul’s preaching Ac 24:25 -Leaves Paul in bonds Ac 24:26,27; 25:14

Happy, the Roman procurator of Judea before whom Paul “reasoned” (Acts 24:25). He appears to have expected a bribe from Paul, and therefore had several interviews with him. The “worthy deeds” referred to in 24:2 was his clearing the country of banditti and impostors. At the end of a two years’ term, Porcius Festus was […]