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(fortress), the principal city of upper Syria, was situated in the valley of the Orontes, which it commanded from the low screen of hills which forms the water-shed between the source of the Orontes and Antioch. The Hamathites were a Hamitic race, and are included among the descendants of Canaan. (Genesis 10:18) Nothing appears of […]

-Also called HEMATH -A city of upper Syria Nu 13:21; 34:8; Jos 13:5; 1Ki 8:65; Eze 47:16 -Inhabited by Canaanites Ge 10:18 -Prosperity of Am 6:2 -David receives gifts of gold and silver from Toi, king of 2Sa 8:9,10; 1Ch 18:3,9,10 -Conquest of, by Jeroboam 2Ki 14:25,28 -By the Chaldeans 2Ki 25:20,21 -Israelites taken captive […]

Fortress, the capital of one of the kingdoms of Upper Syria of the same name, on the Orontes, in the valley of Lebanon, at the northern boundary of Palestine (Num. 13:21; 34:8), at the foot of Hermon (Josh. 13:5) towards Damascus (Zech. 9:2; Jer. 49:23). It is called “Hamath the great” in Amos 6:2, and […]