that sees God

(whom God sees), a king of Damascus who reigned from about B.C. 886 to B.C. 840. He appears to have been previously a person in a high position at the court of Ben-hadad, and was sent by his master to Elisha to inquire if he would recover from the malady under which he was suffering. […]

-(King of Syria) -Anointed king by Elijah 1Ki 19:15 -Conquests by 2Ki 8:28,29; 9:14; 10:32,33; 12:17,18; 13:3,22; 2Ch 22:5,6 -Conspires against, murders, and succeeds to the throne of Ben-hadad 2Ki 8:8-15 -Death of 2Ki 13:24

Whom God beholds, an officer of Ben-hadad II., king of Syria, who ultimately came to the throne, according to the word of the Lord to Elijah (1 Kings 19:15), after he had put the king to death (2 Kings 8:15). His interview with Elisha is mentioned in 2 Kings 8. The Assyrians soon after his […]