son of a hero

(hero-like). This family though of Idumean origin and thus alien by race, was Jewish in faith. I. HEROD THE GREAT was the second son of Antipater, an Idumean, who was appointed procurator of Judea by Julius Caesar, B.C. 47. Immediately after his father’s elevation when only fifteen years old, he received the government of Galilee […]

-1. King of Judah (Herod the Great) Mt 2 -2. Tetrarch of Galilee (Herod Antipas) Lu 3:1; 23:7 .Incest of Mt 14:3,4; Mr 6:17-19 .Beheads John the Baptist Mr 6:16-28; Mt 14:3-11 .Desires to see Jesus Lu 9:7,9; 23:8 .Tyranny of Lu 13:31,32 .Jesus tried by Lu 23:6-12,15; Ac 4:27 -3. Son of Aristobulus (Herod […]