(Heb. ezob.) The ezob was used for sprinkling in some of the sacrifices and purifications of the Jews. In consequence of its detergent qualities, or from its being associated with the purificatory Services, the psalmist makes use of the expression, “Purge me with ezob .” (Psalms 51:7) It is described in (1 Kings 4:33) as […]

-An indigenous plant to western Asia and northern Africa 1Ki 4:33 -The Israelites used, in sprinkling the blood of the paschal lamb upon the lintels of their doors Ex 12:22 -In sprinkling blood in purifications Le 14:4,6,51,52; Heb 9:19 -Used in the sacrifices of separation Nu 19:6 -Used in giving Jesus vinegar on the cross […]

(Heb. `ezob; LXX. hyssopos), first mentioned in Ex. 12:22 in connection with the institution of the Passover. We find it afterwards mentioned in Lev. 14:4, 6, 52; Num. 19:6, 18; Heb. 9:19. It is spoken of as a plant “springing out of the wall” (1 Kings 4:33). Many conjectures have been formed as to what […]