God that hears

(whom God hears). + The son of Abraham by Hagar the Egyptian his concubine; born when Abraham was fourscore and six years old. (Genesis 16:15,16) (B.C. 1910.) Ishmael was the first-born of his father. He was born in Abraham’s house when he dwelt in the plain of Mamre; and on the institution of the covenant […]

-1. Son of Abraham Ge 16:11,15,16; 1Ch 1:28 .Prayer of Abraham for Ge 17:18,20 .Circumcised Ge 17:23-26 .Promised to be the father of a nation Ge 16:11,12; 17:20; 21:12,13,18 .Sent away by Abraham Ge 21:6-21 .With Isaac buries his father Ge 25:9 .Children of Ge 25:12-18; 1Ch 1:29-31 .Daughter of, marries Esau Ge 28:9; 36:2,3 […]

God hears. (1.) Abraham’s eldest son, by Hagar the concubine (Gen. 16:15; 17:23). He was born at Mamre, when Abraham was eighty-six years of age, eleven years after his arrival in Canaan (16:3; 21:5). At the age of thirteen he was circumcised (17:25). He grew up a true child of the desert, wild and wayward. […]