preparation, or strength, of the Lord

(whom Jehovah has appointed), son of Jehoiakim, and for three months and ten days king of Judah. (B.C. 597.) At his accession Jerusalem was quite defenseless, and unable to offer any resistance to the army which Nebuchadnezzar sent to besiege it. (2 Kings 24:10,11) In a very short time Jehoiachin surrendered at discretion; and he, […]

-King of Judah and successor to Jehoiakim 2Ki 24:6-8; 2Ch 36:8,9 -Called JECONIAH 1Ch 3:16; Jer 24:1 -Called CONIAH Jer 22:24; 37:1 -Wicked reign of 2Ki 24:9; 2Ch 36:9 -Nebuchadnezzar invades his kingdom, takes him away captive to Babylon 2Ki 24:10-16; 2Ch 36:10; Es 2:6; Jer 27:20; 29:1,2; Eze 1:2 -Confined in prison for thirty-seven […]

Succeeded his father Jehoiakin (B.C. 599) when only eight years of age, and reigned for one hundred days (2 Chr. 36:9). He is also called Jeconiah (Jer. 24:1; 27:20, etc.), and Coniah (22:24; 37:1). He was succeeded by his uncle, Mattaniah = Zedekiah (q.v.). He was the last direct heir to the Jewish crown. He […]