he that opposes the people

(whose people are many). + The first king of the divided kingdom of Israel, B.C. 975-954, was the son of an Ephraimite of the name of Nebat. He was raised by Solomon to the rank of superintendent over the taxes and labors exacted from the tribe of Ephraim. (1 Kings 11:28) he made the most […]

-1. First king of Israel after the revolt .Promoted by Solomon 1Ki 11:28 .Ahijah’s prophecy concerning 1Ki 11:29-39; 14:5-16 .Flees to Egypt to escape from Solomon 1Ki 11:26-40 .Recalled from Egypt by the ten tribes on account of disaffection toward Rehoboam, and made king 1Ki 12:1-20; 2Ch 10:12-19 .Subverts the religion of Moses 1Ki 12:25-33; […]

Increase of the people. (1.) The son of Nebat (1 Kings 11:26-39), “an Ephrathite,” the first king of the ten tribes, over whom he reigned twenty-two years (B.C. 976-945). He was the son of a widow of Zereda, and while still young was promoted by Solomon to be chief superintendent of the “burnden”, i.e., of […]