his excellence; his posterity

(his excellence) was priest or prince of Midian. Moses married his daughter Zipporah. (B.C. 1530.) On account if his local knowledge he was entreated to remain with the Israelites throughout their journey to Canaan. (Numbers 10:31,33) (He is called [717]Raguel, Or Reuel, [718]Reuel in (Exodus 2:18) And [719]Raguel, Or Reuel in (Numbers 10:29), The same […]

-Called RAGUEL and REUEL -(A priest of Midian) -Moses spent forty years of exile with, and married his daughter Ex 2:15-22; 3:1; 4:18; Nu 10:29

His excellence, or gain, a prince or priest of Midian, who succeeded his father Reuel. Moses spent forty years after his exile from the Egyptian court as keeper of Jethro’s flocks. While the Israelites were encamped at Sinai, and soon after their victory over Amalek, Jethro came to meet Moses, bringing with him Zipporah and […]