beauty; comeliness

(beauty), now Jaffa, a town on the southwest coast of Palestine, in the portion of Dan. (Joshua 19:46) Having a harbor attached to it–though always, as still, a dangerous one–it became the port of Jerusalem in the days of Solomon, and has been ever since. Here Jonah “took ship to flee from the presence of […]

-A seaport Jos 19:46 -Exports from 2Ch 2:16; Ezr 3:7 -Passenger traffic from Jon 1:3 -Peter performs a miracle at Ac 9:36-43 -Peter has a vision of a sheet lowered down from the sky, at Ac 10:9-18

Beauty, a town in the portion of Dan (Josh. 19:46; A.V., “Japho”), on a sandy promontory between Caesarea and Gaza, and at a distance of 30 miles north-west from Jerusalem. It is one of the oldest towns in Asia. It was and still is the chief sea-port of Judea. It was never wrested from the […]