a savior; a deliverer

(saviour, or whose help is Jehovah). His name appears in the various forms of [760]HosheaH[761]Oshea, [762]Oshea, [763]Jehoshua, [764]Jeshua and [765]Jesus. + The son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim. (1 Chronicles 7:27) (B.C. 1530-1420.) He was nearly forty years old when he shared in the hurried triumph of the exodus. He is mentioned first […]

Named from Joshua the son of Nun, who is the principal character in it. The book may be regarded as consisting of three parts: + The conquest of Canaan; chs. 1-12. + The partition of Canaan; chs. 13-22. + Joshua’s farewell; chs. 23,24. Nothing is really known as to the authorship of the book. Joshua […]

-1. Also called JEHOSHUA, and JEHOSHUAH, and OSHEA .Son of Nun Nu 13:8; 1Ch 7:27 .Intimately associated with Moses Ex 24:13; 32:17; 33:11 .A religious zealot Nu 11:28 .Sent with others to view the promised land Nu 13:8 .Makes a favorable report Nu 14:6-10 .Rewarded for his courage and fidelity Nu 14:30,38; 32:12 .Commissioned, ordained, […]

Jehovah is his help, or Jehovah the Saviour. The son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim, the successor of Moses as the leader of Israel. He is called Jehoshua in Num. 13:16 (A.V.), and Jesus in Acts 7:45 and Heb. 4:8 (R.V., Joshua). He was born in Egypt, and was probably of the age […]

Contains a history of the Israelites from the death of Moses to that of Joshua. It consists of three parts: (1.) The history of the conquest of the land (1-12). (2.) The allotment of the land to the different tribes, with the appointment of cities of refuge, the provision for the Levites (13-22), and the […]