the perfection of the Lord

(Jehovah is upright). + The youngest son of Gideon, (Judges 9:5) who escaped from the massacre of his brethren. (B.C. after 1256.) His parable of the reign of the bramble is the earliest example of the kind. + The son of King Uzziah or Azariah and Jerushah. After administering the kingdom for some years during […]

-1. Son of Gideon Jud 9:5,57 .Rebukes the Shechemites with the parable about the trees Jud 9:7-21 -2. Son of Azariah, king of Judah 2Ki 15:5-7,32,38; 1Ch 3:12; 2Ch 26:21-23; 27 .Piety of 2Ch 27 .The moral condition of Israel during his reign Ho 4 .Ancestor of Jesus Mt 1:9 -3. Son of Jahdai 1Ch […]

Jehovah is perfect. (1.) The youngest of Gideon’s seventy sons. He escaped when the rest were put to death by the order of Abimelech (Judg. 9:5). When “the citizens of Shechem and the whole house of Millo” were gathered together “by the plain of the pillar” (i.e., the stone set up by Joshua, 24:26; comp. […]