just or upright

(just). + A surname of Joseph, called Barsabas. (Acts 1:23) (A.D. 30.) + A Christian at Corinth, with whom St. Paul lodged. (Acts 18:7) (A.D. 49.) (Given in the Revised Version as [772]Titus Justus JUSTUS; and it is possible that he may be the same person as Titus the companion of Paul.) + A surname […]

-1. A disciple nominated with Matthias to succeed Judas Iscariot Ac 1:23 -2. A believer in Corinth Ac 18:7 -3. Also called JESUS .A disciple in Rome Col 4:11

(1.) Another name for Joseph, surnamed Barsabas. He and Matthias are mentioned only in Acts 1:23. “They must have been among the earliest disciples of Jesus, and must have been faithful to the end; they must have been well known and esteemed among the brethren. What became of them afterwards, and what work they did, […]