(Kadesh means holy ; it is the same word as the Arabic name of Jerusalem, el-Khuds . Barnea means, desert of wandering.) This place, the scene of Miriam’s death, was the farthest point which the Israelites reached in their direct road to Canaan; it was also that whence the spies were sent, and where, on […]

-Also called KADESH-BARNEA -A city on the southern boundary of Palestine Jos 15:3 -Struck down by Chedorlaomer Ge 14:7 -Abraham lives beside the wells nearby Ge 20:1; with 14:7; 16:14 -Israel encamps at Nu 12:16; 13:26; 20:1; 33:36 -Canaanites defeated at Jos 10:41

Holy, or Kadesh-Barnea, sacred desert of wandering, a place on the south-eastern border of Palestine, about 165 miles from Horeb. It lay in the “wilderness” or “desert of Zin” (Gen. 14:7; Num. 13:3-26; 14:29-33; 20:1; 27:14), on the border of Edom (20:16). From this place, in compliance with the desire of the people, Moses sent […]

The sacred city of the Hittites, on the left bank of the Orontes, about 4 miles south of the Lake of Homs. It is identified with the great mound Tell Neby Mendeh, some 50 to 100 feet high, and 400 yards long. On the ruins of the temple of Karnak, in Egypt, has been found […]