white; shining; gentle; brittle

(white). + Son of Bethuel, brother of Rebekah and father of Leah and Rachel. (B.C. about 1860-1740.) The elder branch of the family remained at Haran, Mesopotamia, when Abraham removed to the land of Canaan, and it is there that we first meet with Laban, as taking the leading part in the betrothal of his […]

-Son of Bethuel Ge 28:5 -Brother of Rebekah Ge 22:23; 24:15,29 -Receives the servant of Abraham Ge 24:29-33 -Receives Jacob, and gives him his daughters in marriage Ge 29:12-30 -Jacob becomes his servant Ge 29:15-20,27; 30:27-43 -Outwitted by Jacob Ge 30:37-43; 31:1-21 -Pursues Jacob, overtakes him at Mount Gilead, and covenants with him Ge 31:22-55

White. (1.) The son of Bethuel, who was the son of Nahor, Abraham’s brother. He lived at Haran in Mesopotamia. His sister Rebekah was Isaac’s wife (Gen. 24). Jacob, one of the sons of this marriage, fled to the house of Laban, whose daughters Leah and Rachel (ch. 29) he eventually married. (See [345]JACOB.) (2.) […]