weary; tired

(wearied), the daughter of Laban. (Genesis 29:16) The dullness or weakness of her eyes was so notable that it is mentioned as a contrast to the beautiful form and appearance of her younger sister Rachel. Her father took advantage of the opportunity which the local marriage rite afforded to pass her off in her sister’s […]

-The older daughter of Laban Ge 29:16 -Married to Jacob Ge 29:23-26 -Children of Ge 29:31-35; 30:9-13,17-21 -Flees with Jacob Ge 31:4,14,17; 33:2-7 -“The builder of the house of Israel,” Ru 4:11

Weary, the eldest daughter of Laban, and sister of Rachel (Gen. 29:16). Jacob took her to wife through a deceit of her father (Gen. 29:23). She was “tender-eyed” (17). She bore to Jacob six sons (32-35), also one daughter, Dinah (30:21). She accompanied Jacob into Canaan, and died there before the time of the going […]