white, incense

a mountain range in the north of Palestine. The name Lebanon signifies white, and was applied either on account of snow which, during a great part of the year, cover its whole summit, or on account of the white color of its limestone cliffs and peaks. It is the “white mountain”–the Mont Blane of Palestine. […]

-(A mountain range) -Northern boundary of the land of Canaan De 1:7; 3:25; 11:24; Jos 1:4; 9:1 -Early inhabitants of Jud 3:3 -Snow of Jer 18:14 -Streams of So 4:15 -Cedars of Jud 9:15; 2Ki 19:23; 2Ch 2:8; Ps 29:5; 104:16; Isa 2:13; 14:8; Eze 27:5 -Other trees of 2Ki 19:23; 2Ch 2:8 -Flower of […]

White, “the white mountain of Syria,” is the loftiest and most celebrated mountain range in Syria. It is a branch running southward from the Caucasus, and at its lower end forking into two parallel ranges, the eastern or Anti-Lebanon, and the western or Lebanon proper. They enclose a long valley (Josh. 11:17) of from 5 […]