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(joined). + The name of the third son of Jacob by his wife Leah. (B.C. about 1753.) The name, derived from lavah, “to adhere,” gave utterance to the hope of the mother that the affections of her husband, which had hitherto rested on the favored Rachel, would at last be drawn to her: “This time […]

-Son of Jacob Ge 29:34; 35:23; 1Ch 2:1 -Avenges the seduction of Dinah Ge 34; 49:5-7 -Jacob’s prophecy regarding Ge 49:5-7 -His age at death Ex 6:16 -(Descendants of, made the ministers of religion) -See [2550]LEVITES

Adhesion. (1.) The third son of Jacob by Leah. The origin of the name is found in Leah’s words (Gen. 29:34), “This time will my husband be joined [Heb. yillaveh] unto me.” He is mentioned as taking a prominent part in avenging his sister Dinah (Gen. 34:25-31). He and his three sons went down with […]