the first European convert of St. Paul, and afterward his hostess during his first stay at Philippi. (Acts 18:14,15) also Acts 18:40 (A.D. 47.) She was a Jewish proselyte at the time of the apostle’s coming; and it was at the Jewish Sabbath-worship by the side of a stream ver 13, that the preaching of […]

-1. A woman of Thyatira, who with her household was converted through the preaching of Paul Ac 16:14,15 .Entertains Paul and Silas Ac 16:15,40 -2. Incorrectly put for LUD Eze 30:5

(1.) Ezek. 30:5 (Heb. Lud), a province in the west of Asia Minor, which derived its name from the fourth son of Shem (Gen. 10:22). It was bounded on the east by the greater Phrygia, and on the west by Ionia and the AEgean Sea. (2.) A woman of Thyatira, a “seller of purple,” who […]