burning; adoration

(extended land), a large and celebrated country lying north of Greece, the first part of Europe which received the gospel directly from St. Paul, and an important scene of his subsequent missionary labors and those of his companions. It was bounded by the range of Haemus or the Balkan northward, by the chain of Pindus […]

-(A country in southeastern Europe) -Paul has a vision concerning Ac 16:9 -Preaches in, at Philippi Ac 16:12 -Revisits Ac 20:1-6; 2Co 2:13; 7:5 -The congregation in, sends contributions to the poor saints in Jerusalem Ro 15:26; 2Co 8:1-5 -Timothy visits Ac 19:22 -Disciples in Ac 19:23; 27:2

In New Testament times, was a Roman province lying north of Greece. It was governed by a propraetor with the title of proconsul. Paul was summoned by the vision of the “man of Macedonia” to preach the gospel there (Acts 16:9). Frequent allusion is made to this event (18:5; 19:21; Rom. 15:26; 2 Cor. 1:16; […]