my messenger; my angel

-Last of the minor prophets Mal 1:1 -Reproves God’s people for their impiety Mal 1; 2; 3:7-15 -Fortells the coming of the Messiah Mal 3:1-6 -The judgments on the wicked and consolations of the righteous Mal 4:1-3 -The coming of the forerunner of the Messiah Mal 4:4-6

Messenger or angel, the last of the minor prophets, and the writer of the last book of the Old Testament canon (Mal. 4:4, 5, 6). Nothing is known of him beyond what is contained in his book of prophecies. Some have supposed that the name is simply a title descriptive of his character as a […]

The contents of the book are comprised in four chapters. In the Hebrew text the third and fourth chapters (of the A.V.) form but one. The whole consists of three sections, preceded by an introduction (Mal. 1:1-5), in which the prophet reminds Israel of Jehovah’s love to them. The first section (1:6-2:9) contains a stern […]