forgetfulness; he that is forgotten

(forgetting). + The thirteenth king of Judah, son of Hezekiah, (2 Kings 21:1) ascended the throne at the age of twelve, and reigned 55 years, from B.C. 608 to 642. His accession was the signal for an entire change in the religious administration of the kingdom. Idolatry was again established to such an extent that […]

-1. Son of Joseph and Asenath Ge 41:50,51; 46:20 .Adopted by Jacob on his deathbed Ge 48:1,5-20 .Called MANASSES Re 7:6 -2. Tribe of .Descendants of Joseph -(The two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, were reckoned equally among the primogenitors of the twelve tribes (taking the places of Joseph and Levi)) .Adopted by Jacob […]

Who makes to forget. “God hath made me forget” (Heb. nashshani), Gen. 41:51. (1.) The elder of the two sons of Joseph. He and his brother Ephraim were afterwards adopted by Jacob as his own sons (48:1). There is an account of his marriage to a Syrian (1 Chr. 7:14); and the only thing afterwards […]