same as Marcus, polite; shining

one of the evangelists, and probable author of the Gospel bearing his name. (Marcus was his Latin surname. His Jewish name was John, which is the same as Johanan (the grace of God). We can almost trace the steps whereby the former became his prevalent name in the Church. “John, whose surname was Mark” in […]

+ By whom written.–The author of this Gospel has been universally believed to be Mark or Marcus, designated in (Acts 12:12,25; 15:37) as John Mark, and in ch. 5,13 as John. + When is was written.–Upon this point nothing absolutely certain can be affirmed, and the Gospel itself affords us no information. The most direct […]

-A nephew of Barnabas Col 4:10 -A disciple of Jesus Ac 12:12,25; 13:5,13 -Paul and Barnabas contend concerning Ac 15:36-39 -A convert of Peter 1Pe 5:13 -Fellow-worker with Paul at Rome Col 4:10,11; 2Ti 4:11; Phm 1:24

The evangelist; “John whose surname was Mark” (Acts 12:12, 25). Mark (Marcus, Col. 4:10, etc.) was his Roman name, which gradually came to supersede his Jewish name John. He is called John in Acts 13:5, 13, and Mark in 15:39, 2 Tim. 4:11, etc. He was the son of Mary, a woman apparently of some […]

It is the current and apparently well-founded tradition that Mark derived his information mainly from the discourses of Peter. In his mother’s house he would have abundant opportunities of obtaining information from the other apostles and their coadjutors, yet he was “the disciple and interpreter of Peter” specially. As to the time when it was […]