out of my mouth proceeds reproach

(exterminating the idol), the name borne by two members of the family of Saul–his son and his grandson. + Saul’s son by Rizpah the daughter of Aiah, his concubine. (2 Samuel 21:8) He and his brother Armoni were among the seven victims who were surrendered by David to the Gibeonites, and by them crucified to […]

-1. Son of Saul by Rizpah, whom David surrendered to the Gibeonites to be killed 2Sa 21:8,9 -2. Son of Jonathan 2Sa 4:4 .Called MERIB-BAAL 1Ch 8:34; 9:40 .Was lame 2Sa 4:4 .David entertains him at his table 2Sa 9:1-7; 21:7 .Property restored to 2Sa 9:9,10 .His ingratitude to David at the time of Absolom’s […]

Exterminator of shame; i.e., of idols. (1.) The name of Saul’s son by the concubine Rizpah (q.v.), the daughter of Aiah. He and his brother Armoni were with five others “hanged on a hill before the Lord” by the Gibeonites, and their bodies exposed in the sun for five months (2 Sam. 21:8-10). (2.) The […]