(rebellion), the sister of Moses, was the eldest of that sacred family; and she first appears, probably as a young girl, watching her infant brother’s cradle in the Nile, (Exodus 2:4) and suggesting her mother as a nurse. ver. 7. After the crossing of the Red Sea “Miriam the prophetess” is her acknowledged title. ch. […]

-Sister of Moses -Watched over Moses when he was in the little basket Ex 2:4-8 -Song of, after the destruction of Pharaoh and his army Ex 15:20,21; Mic 6:4 -Jealous of Moses, stricken with leprosy, healed on account of the intercession of Moses Nu 12; De 24:9 -Died and is buried at Kadesh Nu 20:1

Their rebellion. (1.) The sister of Moses and Aaron (Ex. 2:4-10; 1 Chr. 6:3). Her name is prominent in the history of the Exodus. She is called “the prophetess” (Ex. 15:20). She took the lead in the song of triumph after the passage of the Red Sea. She died at Kadesh during the second encampment […]