Mizpeh, a watch-tower; speculation

and Miz’peh (a watch-tower), the name of several places in Palestine. + The earliest of all, in order of the narrative, is the heap of stones piled up by Jacob and Laban, (Genesis 31:48) on Mount Gilead, ver. (Genesis 31:25) to serve both as a witness to the covenant then entered into and as a […]

-1. A city allotted to the tribe of Benjamin Jos 18:26 .The Israelites assemble at Jud 20:1-3 .And decree the penalty to be visited upon the Benjamites for their maltreatment of the Levite’s concubine Jud 20:10 .Assembled by Samuel so that he could reprove them for their idolatry 1Sa 7:5 .They crown Saul king of […]

Or Miz’peh, watch-tower; the look-out. (1.) A place in Gilead, so named by Laban, who overtook Jacob at this spot (Gen. 31:49) on his return to Palestine from Padan-aram. Here Jacob and Laban set up their memorial cairn of stones. It is the same as Ramath-mizpeh (Josh. 13:26). (2.) A town in Gilead, where Jephthah […]